Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Papi Needs a Big Nappy

I love you, Papi, and I always will, but I think it's time you sat out for a while. I can't imagine how crushed your confidence must be, especially after your 0-7 and 12-runner-stranding effort in yesterday's very winnable 12-inning loss to the Angels. But I'm starting not to care.

I know, I know, it's up to Tito to sit you, but I'm hoping that if he won't sit you that you'll sit yourself. I hope you come around because we can sure use you. But right now you're only hurting us as much as you used to help us so significantly and so consistently over the years.

If it's over for Big Papi, then I say to you, David Ortiz, you are forever a Boston hero, and you will be missed tremendously. I hope you can come back, but only after you sit out for a while and relax. You deserve a break, big guy. Carrying a city on your shoulders year after year must be exhausting.


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