Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nice Try


This is as close as you'll ever get to Princeton, Mr. Hodgman.


*Click on pic to go to Hodgman's IMDB listing. Do it! Do it now!


Jacob Karnas said...

I saw this not long ago and was shocked by the fact that celebrities can, in fact, look disheveled in public.

I am referring to Brooke Shields' appearance. John Hodgman is an expert, not a celebrity.

[That is all]

McShowoff said...

Excellent distinction.

billy said...

ps. this was a great feature, and did not make you look bad in the least. why the animosity?

McShowoff said...

Hey, Billy. Thanks for your comment. John and I are good friends now and like to tease each other. It is only play animosity, I assure you. And for the record, I love Hodgman's piece about me because of his incredible storytelling ability much more than the fact it was about me:). And I'm a wicked huge narcissist.