Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apple Stock Down? Maybe This is Why.

I'm trying to get Jill an iMac to replace her decrepit and narcoleptic 5-year old Dell PC, and I keep getting this screen on apple.com.

Hey, Apple! I'm trying to give you money I don't have! And do you really think I'm going to CALL someone to place my order? Puh-lease! That is SO 20th Century.

And for all his defects, I doubt PC* would ever miss an opportunity to take our money.


*I am referring to the character portrayed by John Hodgman in the Apple commercials. In no way am I saying that John Hodgman would never miss an opportunity to take money from us. Hodgman only takes careers.**

**I am referring to the fact that John Hodgman has had huge commercial success since his TAL piece in which he said, "I still want to be 'Cuervo Man', but I don't think I'd ever want to be 'Sonic Man'." I guess what he meant was that if he couldn't be a professional satyr and instead had to be the star of a commercial, it would have to be a very good commercial with a long, long shelf life and pay a hell of a lot of money. Unlike Sonic Man.***

***I am referring to my obvious jealousy and love of asterisks.


Brian Howard said...

They are making an announcement today about a new line of iPods...or something...they are probably updating the site.

Anonymous said...


And yes, I heard something about an iPod announcement, too.

McShowoff said...

Ah, Apple! Always the flair for the dramatic!