Friday, August 15, 2008

Deal With It!

In this article by Pat Forde of, one Olympic swimmer (Milorad Cavic) thinks what Michael Phelps is doing in (and to) these Olympics (making them his BITCH!) is actually a bad thing for the sport. REALLY??!!! If not for Michael Phelps, nobody is watching these Olympics, let alone swimming! Okay, sure, people would watch here and there, but the only thing truly memorable in the Olympics since the Miracle on Ice of 1980 is the utterly ridiculous dominance of Michael Phelps.

Also in the article, one multi-medal winning swimmer (Katie Hoff) whose inspiring accomplishments - along with every other Olympian's - have been essentially drowned in the American superfish's wake of aquaperfection, revealed probably more than she wished to when she said, trailing off at the end, "I don't really think it's fair...Michael doing what he's doing is incredible, but it kind of makes the rest of us look …" How about really jealous? Get over it, Salieri! He's just that much more gifted than every incredibly gifted athlete at the Games in Beijing, or perhaps at any Games anywhere ever. His accomplishments and the hype they deserve do not take anything away from what anyone else is doing in these Olympics. Only those other athletes can take away from their accomplishments by whining about how they're getting no attention. You want attention? WIN 8 FUCKING GOLD MEDALS IN ONE OLYMPICS!!!

Oh, wait. He's only won 6 so far. He sucks.


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