Thursday, July 3, 2008


I most certainly was. I've got the video and pix to prove it. I did indeed drive a BK Fresh Apple Fries pickup truck and a 16-ft trailer (no, you don't need a special license for that!!! I know! Amazing!) from Chicago to New York (about 800 miles) on Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. Then I did some frickin' long shoreman-type work loading boxes and all kinds of shit for several hours. I even had a crackhead lookin' for "work" ("Hey, big man, how 'bout you put me to work and let me help you with some of them boxes") magically will me to drop the 20-spot I was going to tip the amazing helper (who works for money, not crack) at the Brooklyn storage facility by the Manhattan Bridge (as lovely as it sounds), climb up on the loading dock like he owned the place, and grab it without my noticing. When I called him on his sleight of hand (and mind), his denial was adamant, not unlike that of his fun little addiction.

Ah, full day.

And now I'm tired. I must to bed. Jill is gone for the holiday (she even took Keely!), so that means I'll have to spend some quality alone time. Make of that what you will. More tomorrow, I promise.

So don't get too wasted. Or too fireworked. Or too patriotic. Or too pugilistic. Or whatever it is you do on Independence Day.

Oh, and the Sox blanked the Yankees. Take that, NY crackhead!!!

Below is a sample of my trip from Chicago. At least a reasonable facsimile.


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