Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blast From the Past

It was at an otherwise uneventful dance on an otherwise uneventful Saturday evening in November of 1988 at the Roxbury Latin School ("the oldest school in continuous existence in North America") that The 5-Skins (originally dubbed "Ryan and the Four Skins") first - and last - performed.

Let me introduce you to the band. First,"The Berries", our talented and lovely backup singers, from left to right: Some Girl Whose Name I Never Knew, Cat Saxbe, Sara Christensen and Quenby Iandiorio. The 5-Skins were: Ryan McDonough ("that guy" and budding "party catalyst" who is also uncircumcised, or, if you will, uncut) on lead vocals and antics; Jake Shapiro of Two Ton Shoe on guitar and backup vocals; Matt Weiner (now a brilliant - if big fore-headed* - upright bass player) on keyboard and backup vocals; Alex Brown (not the football player) on bass; and Steven Heinstein, ("a Jew who rocks") on drums.

Music has never been the same since.

This was our finale. A cover of a J. Geils Band cover of "Land of a Thousand Dances", performed the way I'm sure Wilson Pickett wished he could have. Pure perfection. Or, if you will, purefection.


*I have the right to say that because I started losing my hair at 16. Deal with it!

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