Friday, June 13, 2008

Now THAT'S a Comeback!!!

Even Paul Pierce can't believe they did it! Four nights after losing a 24-point lead at home but holding on to win by six, the Celtics somehow not only erased a 24-point deficit to the Lakers in L.A. (Lethargy Area), but got the win, 97-91! Again, by six. Which only goes to show mathematically that if the Celtics are up by 24 or down by 24, they will end up winning the game by 1/4 of that difference. Does that make sense? No, but the fact that the C's are one game a way from championship number 17 certainly does!

If you're not "that guy", or just not a basketball fan, let me try to make sense of the meaning of this historic comeback. I don't know politics, but imagine if Gore, not Bush, actually won Florida in 2000. I know, I know, he did, but what if it were an overwhelming victory that could not have been doctored? Okay, this isn't a great example because I don't think the Lakers would have gone on to destroy our country after the game last night if they won. But you never know. Or let's say in the movie "Titanic" (not to be confused with the historical tragedy of the sinking of Titanic - even the credits say any similarities are purely coincidental) that somehow everyone was saved from the wreck and brought home by friendly extraterrestrials. Wait a second. All except the DiCaprio character who was taken aboard their craft for many anal probes over several millennia. I think that's closer.


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