Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Melted Ice Cream

The iScream Trek is not happening. I repeat, it is NOT happening. And it has nothing to do with my parole conditions. It's that the truck is a bit temperamental and probably wouldn't make it across the country. So it will be towed.

I'm pissed. I was so ready to crank the music and swear over the loudspeaker and pull the Eddie Murphy from "Delirious" by waiting for the kids to walk over and then speeding away and saying to Jill, "Watch how fast I make these muthafuckas run." Vrrrrrroooooooommmm.

I guess it's for the best.



Anonymous said...

It is indeed a sad day for people that desire to fuck with kids' heads.

Jacob Karnas said...

SINCE YOU AREN'T Cannonballing cross-country anytime soon (to my knowledge):

I would like to inform you that I, Jacob Karnas*, will be in New York sometime in early October.


[That is all]

*Esteemed author of 'All the Flair of a Filing Cabinet'

Momo Fali said...

Don't give up! What about using a 10-speed? Jill could ride on the handlebars.