Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let Others Suffer

I love this idea. I'm tired of doing all the suffering. Oh, and I play a very small part in the film (Dr. Dan Diamond's patient), but I'm not in the trailer. So it's actually a very, very small part. They cut a lot of it. Let's just say it was such a brilliant improvisational performance by an actor playing a smaller character that it was distracting from the main plot. I understand. I would have made the same decision myself. For the sake of the story. And who knows? Maybe I can achieve Mark Holton status* with my line, "While supplies last!"

For rizzle, though, check out "Let Others Suffer" if you get a chance. It's a very funny mockumentary. Dare I say brilliantly funny. Yes, even if it's not all about me.


* The guy who yells, "Hey! It's Enrico Palazzo!" in "The Naked Gun".


Jeremy said...

Yes, it's a great movie, but nothing compared to the pictures of your blistered phone. Just awesome -- Chuck Norris-awesome. I feel that frustration on a daily basis, but turn it all inward so my liver and spleen look like that instead of a simple, everyday object sitting around my house secretly taunting me. (I'll send you photos of my insides to post.) I realize there are those who claim it's unhealthy, but fuck 'em. How good did it feel? I'm going to go buy me a phone, so watch out... phones. Grrrrrr!

McShowoff said...

I would like to post those pictures of your insides right away, so please send them. Stat!