Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Say Yes to iScream

If someone asks you if you want to drive an ice cream truck from Boston to L.A. in less than five days, what do you say? Of course you always say yes. Unfortunately the license plate was not available yesterday or I would be blogging this on my iPhone from said ice cream truck. As it is, Jill and I may very likely be driving it back from L.A. in mid July. I will keep you posted.


*This is not the actual truck, but I bet it would look something like this. And no, it would not have had ice cream in it.


BobL612 said...

WHY are you going to drive an ice cream truck to LA? That is wack, yo. Madd wack!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I'm foreseeing some awesome potential "fuck with kids" scenarios. I strongly suggest driving into suburban neighborhoods playing the ice cream truck music, parking, then telling the kids you're all out of ice cream and leaving. Priceless!

jill said...

first i'd take their money though.

Jacob Karnas said...

I SUGGEST that you take with you, rather than ice cream, multitudes of health and protein snacks.

Sell these to the children. Not only will their reactions be priceless, but when they eventually buy them (due to the fact that no ice cream man actually sells ice cream in their neighbourhood*), it will ultimately help in America's war against obesity.

[That is all]

*They sell drugs.

Mama P said...

I will be staying far far away from that jingle mobile. Besides, my kid has Tourettes. If he started ticking due to your wares, I would have to kick your ass. I'm 6'1. I could squash you like a bug.

McShowoff said...

Mama P, are you seriously 6'1"? I will never fuck with you, because I KNOW you could squash me. But I'm quick like Neo in The Matrix.