Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gym Nauseum

Check out these nine gym sins on Newsweek when you get a chance. As in right effin' now. Seriously, what else are you doing? You're reading my crap, right? Might as well read something from a reputable source.

Now that you've read it (you have, right? If not, go back right now! Jill!), I guess it's a good time to ask if it's common practice, when asked to spot someone on a bench press, to tea bag him. Common courtesy, right?



Mama P said...

Okay, seriously, you're one of maybe 3 guys who have ever commented on my blog. And so I am thrilled. And yet... and yet...

What the fuck are you talking about? Sports might as well be Japanese.

Actually, at least with Japan there's the idea of Sushi. And tea in cute little cups. And fortune cookies.

But sports? Nitrate hot dogs and foam fingers? NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

Does your girlfriend really know all this about you? Because let me tell you one thing: She might love you. And say that she loves your sports stuff. The MOMENT you get married, all metal trashcans with action figures and pillows shaped like basketballs are OUT THE WINDOW.

She might even try to redo your blog background to a crazy shade of pink.

No joke.

Mama P said...

PS: Revere is a high class town. Have you seen the marsh? And the train tracks? And have you eaten at Kelly's Fish near the shore? LOOOOVE it. Love my Reveeeeaaaah. I do. Fond memories.

McShowoff said...

Mama P, they actually have sushi at Safeco Field where the Seattle Mariners play. And Jill has already purged the downstairs of unsightly sports memorabilia, and she's currently working on the pink background.


P.S., regarding your Japanese fortune cookies: