Friday, June 6, 2008

Ain't Sports Fun?

Check it out! Video and everything. The Red Sox beat the devil out of the Rays, 7-1, sweeping them for the second time in a row (thanks for keeping first place warm for us, Tampa Bay!). During this game, (as shown above) (1) Coco Crisp pulled a "Matrix" on Jason Shields, (2) then countered with a right hook before being tackled by Dioner Navarro and (3 and 4) then bombarded with cheap shots by 'roid rager Jonny Gomes.

Ah, baseball fights. Like Catholic school girl fights...but with chaster uniforms.

And the Celtics continue to have success (amazing game tonight!) since I left my "that guy" gear on the floor of my closet two series ago. Paul Pierce pulled a Rodney Dangerfield in "Caddyshack" ("My arm! It's broken!"), supposedly spraining his right knee and (1) getting carried to the locker room by his teammates. But then (2) The Truth returned from the locker room with a huge ovation to drop successive 3-point bombs and (3) take it to the rack. Eventually Gino, the virtual victory cigar, was revealed as the C's took Game 1 of the Finals, 98-88.

And just for poops and chuckles, check out what I like to call the "YO MAMA" dunk, as demonstrated in Game 1 by "The Big Ticket", Kevin Garnett.

(1) YO...

and...wait for it, wait for it...

(2) MAMA!

OHHHHH!!!!! HOW'S THAT FEEL?! Seriously, Lakers and their fans, how does that feel to have yo mama brought into all this with such AUTHORITY! TASTE IT!

Yes, I am still pretty much "that guy". I am a meathead.



* In case you didn't know, the all caps is me yelling really loud. Sorry, loudly.


Mama P said...

Okay, that bio of you is really funny.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have two things to say:

1. I grew up visiting Revere every summer. I would make fun of you crazy Boston folk paaaking your caaaaaa.


McShowoff said...

First of all, if you are referring to my current bio, thank you for laughing at my misery. Seriously, someone has to.

Second, Revere is not Boston. Calling Revere Boston is like calling Florida "The South". Wicked effed up out theyah, kid!

Third, I agree with the last part of your written Lakers cheer - the 10 consecutive esses. Hiss away!

All kidding aside, your blog is hysterical. And thank you for checking out mine. Bloggers unite, despite opposing geographical alliances!