Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Past Revelation Under Scrutiny

This is my interview of Angelina Jolie from a 2003 press junket. I'll comment on it after you watch all three captivating minutes.

(Shameful self-promotion, I know. But it is my effin' blog after all. If I can't promote myself here, I guess I have to eff myself. Not off myself. I'm not that bad.)

Am I being a bit hard on myself, or do I come off just a bit flirtatious and sycophantic? Kind of like the "Chris Farley Show" on Viagra. To be fair though, she WAS giving me the eye. And if Angelina Jolie gives you the eye, you must melt. It is a rule of nature. Even if she's not giving you the eye, but you can see her eyes looking in your general direction, you must become a useless pile of adoration.

No joke, but my editor said that in the master tape Angelina blatantly checked me out at the end of the interview. Alas, I have no proof of this. But I do have total consciousness as a result. To quote Carl Spackler, "So I got THAT goin' for me...which is nice."


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Jill said...

Regarding shameless self-promotion, my writing teacher told our class last night that every time you get a new clip, you should email it to every editor you know. She does. I have nothing more to say on that matter.