Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flying High Again

I did not take this particular video of the Kingda Ka ride at Six Flags Great Adventure. But I did share the experience it has captured. I looked (and sounded) not unlike William, the guy on the right (camera right, crazy coaster death car left - some tech speak fo' yo' ass), except minus suit and hair.

Holy effin' poopie crap! I thought shooting guns was exciting. This ride was a spiritual experience*. I don't care what happens to me from now on because I know I stared death in the face for just a few seconds and made it my bitch. Even if I was crying like Billy Ray Valentine [at 0:55]. I'm pretty sure Kingda Ka used tear gas on me, and they use that shit on crowds.

Survive a ride on this phallic behemoth and be temporarily death-proof like Ryan, Laura, Chris and Holly


*Not sure if this linked site would seriously consider this submission.


jill said...

dude, are you guys like skinheads or something? Glad you made it back from six flags with feet intact. I hear people are prone to losing them and sunglasses there.

McShowoff said...

Medusa is the ride which steals people's feet. Your feet dangle in front of you as you rocket along through 7 loops at one million miles an hour. If my feet were in fact lopped off, I didn't notice. I will check though. Still have my sunglasses.

McShowoff said...

Oh, and I believe skinheads have voluntarily chosen to go without hair. So I would not qualify. Oh, and I'm not a racist. A little racish sometimes (I AM from Boston), but not racist.

McShowoff said...

Wow, this is like a whole other blog for me! Wheeeeeeeeeee!