Monday, May 5, 2008

Eagerly Jumping Through the Same Hoops Again

This morning I had to turn in a paragraph to my hosting agent explaining my love of cars so I could be considered as a host of the upcoming American version of the BBC's "Top Gear", an excellent show I must say. I had a bit of deja vu when I received the assignment, and I realized it was because I had auditioned for this show about two years earlier.

Just to be considered then I had to make a short video of me discussing the features of my Mini Cooper (I've sold it since - sniffle) as well as write about my autophilia, er, love of cars. And then they had me stay for about 4 hours at the audition to read with several other potential co-hosts. Usually that's a pretty good sign for a "talent", so I thought I was really in like motha-effin' Flynn.

But I never heard back. Tear. But I also never saw the show. After all that (and of course my little part of this typically epic development process was about 0.0001% of a drop in the bucket), the American version was never produced. I guess this is why.

This is the business we call show. My amazing "audition paragraph" to follow.


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