Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"That Guy" in Recovery

I'm trying SO HARD not to be "that guy" any longer. Not "that guy" (played by Jon Favreau) who wears the tee shirt of the band he's going to see in "PCU", but "that guy" who thinks he is actually responsible for the outcomes of sporting events because of how much he cares. I mean I will always be a huge fan of all Boston sports teams (deal with it, haters!), but I don't want to have my emotional state 100% dependent on how those teams fare on any given day.

I am actually getting better, but it is only April and there's a lot of baseball left to play, not to mention the playoffs are beginning for the heavily favored Celtics (I can't believe I'm actually typing "heavily favored" and "Celitcs" in the same sentence, let alone consecutively - as opposed to "The Celtics of course got demolished by the heavily favored Tennessee Lady Vols"), and the Bruins are never going to allow me to have any hope for them against the Canadiens in the first place. But my girlfriend hasn't killed me (yet) and my dog has not quite chewed off all her own skin out of anxiety caused by my violent reactions to bullshit calls ("Your honor, I object." "Why?" "Because it's devastating to my case."). So I think I've made progress.

That said, I am watching the Red Sox and Yankees right now (top of the 7th, 11-9 Spanks). And my stomach is trying to grab my balls through my ass. Uncomfortable. And Jill and I are spending our first night on vacation in celebration of her upcoming birthday. I should just turn off the TV, right? Right. But SHE wants to watch it! So the next best thing for me is to blog while my dog Keely senses my inner turmoil and restlessly tries to find the nearest possible exit for when the hammer comes.

I'm definitely not getting any tonight.
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Anonymous said...

Posted April 16th. Wait, isn't that about when the losing streak began? Are you so selfish that you'd put your emotional state before Papi's batting average. Shame on you, sir. If there were a McFunny jersey, I'd tear it up and not sew it back together until you go back to taking one for the team. The Red Sox now think you're a dick. They told me.

McShowoff said...